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With over a decade of experience in AWS Services, our team is dedicated to optimizing data to scale businesses. As AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners, we're also recognized as Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners and Amazon EMR Delivery Partners, bringing innovation to our clients. Whether you're new to the cloud or already cloud-native, we're committed to supporting you in achieving your business goals.


Cloud Practitioner Foundational

Data Analytics Specialty

Developer Associate

Machine Learning Specialty

Solutions Architect Associate

Solutions Architect Professional

SysOps Administrator Associate


Decisioning Systems


Are you interested in real-time and data-based decisions that help you leverage instant business opportunities, improving your KPIs? Our team can assist you in this journey towards timely and accurate choices.



The next step in your business' path can be assisted by having a better overall vision of your operation. Let us help you do this, with improved reporting and dashboards that simplify your collaborators day to day tasks, and enhance their decision-making skills. AWS Quicksight dashboards are a fantastic tool for this, due to their power and ease-of-use.



The best development teams need good infrastructure to support their endeavors. Our specialized DevOps professionals will take care of your infrastructure, and help your team deliver their best work, improving the team's SDLC processes with CI/CD capabilities using CodeStar, and modeling all the infrastructure with CloudFormation.

Big Data


We make big data work for you through a fully integrated portfolio of AWS cloud services. You can focus on uncovering new insights and we'll do the heavy lifting in a secure, trusted, proven and scalable way.



Are you looking for accurate and deeper predictions from your data? We can help you every step of the way with the most comprehensive set of AI and ML services, infrastructure and implementation resources. With AWS Sagemaker and our team's expertise you will be able to build, train and deploy models easily.



Microservices have emerged as an alternative to traditional applications, and these architectures can drastically reduce your infrastructure and maintainability costs. Our expert team can help you in your path from a monolithic architecture to a more flexible alternative, leveraging tools like API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

How do I start? Where’s my company at? How do I power up with Montevideo Labs? Let us help you answer these questions through a free evaluation process so we can start talking about how you can maximize your business through our available Power Ups!

What People Say About Us

The team has produced continuous improvement to core services, such as an 80% reduction in costs for machine learning job chains, improvements in time to deploy, and improvements in product operations.
— Willard Simmons – VP Product Management Ad Platform, Roku
Blend provides high-caliber staff that has quickly become integral members of the client's team. The team generates detailed reports about the work they've performed and attends all agile meetings. Blend is very responsive and maintains active communication via Slack.
— Jay Henry - Director of Engineering, Pixability
Hiring Blend has made us all better engineers. They provided us with true team members… I TRUST them, they care, they are respected throughout my company, and they are dedicated to our success. Many emergency EMR or ES cluster rebuilds under pressure and other infrastructure deployments are happily dealt with even when off hours. Always thinking and not afraid to bring up new ideas or approaches.
— Scott Moran – Principal Software & Cloud Data Engineer, Mastercard
Blend helped us with end to end development. They helped us build new features, scale up existing stack, and were involved in all of our development.
— Benjamin Zak – Chief Technology Officer at Disruptel
We love working with Blend! We've had much success embedding Blend engineers with our full-stack engineering teams for the last several years. Their engineers are smart, curious, good communicators and viewed as trusted partners on our teams
— Dan Smith – Director of Engineering, Indigo