Omni-Channel Excellence: Data-Driven Hospitality Success



Discover how a $2B hospitality company overcame the challenges of outdated telemarketing methods by embracing data-driven strategies. With BLEND as their dedicated marketing data science team, they harnessed rich transactional data to develop time-variant propensity and value models tailored to different audiences and sales funnels. The implementation of pilot omni-channel campaigns, leveraging new targeting strategies and online channels, showcased the value of data-driven marketing. These predictive models have since revolutionized the client's existing sales channels and emerging digital platforms, resulting in over 60% incremental lift compared to traditional methods.


The $2B hospitality company faced a significant challenge as their traditional methods of driving business through telemarketing and sales representatives were becoming less effective due to consumers no longer answering phone calls. The company also lacked modern technology, relying on outdated systems. Furthermore, there was absence of an internal data science team to leverage modern data-driven approaches in their business applications. Recognizing the need for change, the company recognized the importance of a digital transformation to enhance both customer acquisition and loyalty through their digital channels.


To address the client's needs, we assembled a dedicated analytics flex team consisting of 3.5 full-time equivalents (FTEs). This team seamlessly integrated with the client's data and market teams, as well as their leadership, acting as an extension of their marketing data science department. Utilizing the client's extensive transactional data, we generated valuable business insights and constructed a series of time-variant propensity models and value models for different target audiences and sales funnels. Additionally, we orchestrated pilot omni-channel campaigns that incorporated innovative targeting strategies, leveraging display and paid social online channels. These campaigns effectively demonstrated the immense value of data-driven marketing in new channel.


The predictive models have demonstrated their value across a range of client sales channels, including outbound and inbound telemarketing, on-site marketing, and emerging digital platforms. These models have made a substantial impact on the market, delivering a remarkable 60% increase in incremental lift compared to traditional business-as-usual lists and targeting methods.

Key Data Points

incremental lift

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