Data-Driven BI: Revolutionizing Decision-Making Strategies



Discover how a global media and technology company transformed their decision-making process by implementing a robust BI reporting strategy. By collaborating with key stakeholders and conducting extensive executive interviews, the company successfully developed a data model and delivered a suite of priority dashboards. This case study highlights the impact, including a roadmap for future BI capabilities and the development of Tableau dashboards and Databricks models. Experience the power of data-driven insights and revolutionize your own decision-making process.


A multinational media and technology corporation offering internet and cable services aimed to enhance its measurement and decision-making outcomes. The client sought to formulate a BI reporting strategy for their in-house decision engine to underscore its performance and value. However, the limited availability of data required a shift in stakeholders and a transition away from strategic dashboards to drive to more effective decision making.


We worked closely with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to comprehend the existing process, available data, and business requirements. This collaboration led to the development of data sourcing and data layer requirements. Over the course of four weeks, we conducted more than 30 executive interviews to design the BI reporting strategy and deliver a corresponding data model along with up to five priority dashboards.

Additionally, we delivered three dashboards, one wireframe, and a corresponding Databricks model. These were designed to support future-state reporting and data ingestion diagnostics.


We delivered a roadmap that outlined the end-state BI capabilities and a sequence of prioritized development of these capabilities. This strategic approach was designed to maximize benefits and minimize the overall effort.

Key Data Points

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