Revolutionizing Marketing Measurement: Driving Hospitality ROI



Discover how a leading hospitality brand transformed its marketing measurement methodology to adapt to the post-COVID 19 landscape. By combining top-down and bottoms-up approaches, the client enhanced their optimization strategy, incorporating a customer-centric focus. The goal was to base media spending decisions on long-term customer value by segment, going beyond the traditional cost per conversion approach. Through in-depth assessments, stakeholder interviews, and data analysis, the client created a custom identity graph to track individual-level journeys and performed digital journey analysis using Markov Chain on user-level data. A Multi-Touch Attribution Pilot was developed, setting the stage for a unified measurement framework. The impact was profound as the Chief Analytics Officer embraced the measurement roadmap and allocated resources to key priorities. Leveraging the insights from Markov Chain analysis, the client identified opportunities to optimize spend across key channels at various stages of the funnel. The Marketing Measurement Team is now focused on operationalizing high-priority items, particularly Cross-Channel Reporting and Multi-touch Attribution. Witness the data-driven revolution that empowers the hospitality industry to maximize ROI through advanced marketing measurement strategies.


In light of the new business landscape shaped by the post-COVID 19 period, the Client sought to revitalize its marketing measurement methodology by integrating both top-down and bottoms-up approaches. In doing so, they aimed to enhance their existing channel-focused optimization approach by incorporating a customer-centric perspective. Specifically, the Client desired to make media spending decisions based on the long-term value of customers segmented by their characteristics, in addition to considering the cost per conversion. While some limited in-market testing had been conducted previously, there was an opportunity to further optimize the marketing mix by implementing a robust testing framework.


To address the challenge at hand, we undertook a series of key actions. First, we assessed the effectiveness of the current measurement tools and reports, and conducted stakeholder interviews to gather insights from key individuals. We then analyzed the existing measures, data sources, and attribution solutions to identify areas for improvement. In order to track individual-level journeys, we developed a custom identity graph. Utilizing user-level data, we performed a digital journey analysis using Markov Chain methodology. Additionally, we implemented a Multi-Touch Attribution Pilot to further enhance our understanding of the customer journey. Finally, we created a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the steps needed to build unified measurement capabilities, combining both top-down and bottom-up approaches. This roadmap includes exploratory analysis of data and measures, digital journey analysis methodology, marketing/measurement assessment, as well as quick wins to kickstart the process.


Our Client's Chief Analytics Officer embraced the measurement roadmap and provided funding for crucial priorities. By conducting Markov Chain analysis, we were able to identify opportunities to optimize spending across various channels at different stages of the customer journey. Collaborating closely with the Marketing Measurement Team, we are now working on implementing high-priority initiatives. Our immediate focus is on Cross-Channel Reporting and Multi-touch Attribution, ensuring accurate and comprehensive measurement across all marketing channels.

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