The Inspire Operating Model: Illuminating Financial Success



Delve into the intricate world of P&L management in the Retail Energy industry as a financial services company seeks to overcome the challenges of fluctuating consumer demand and market fragmentation. With unreliable existing financial models and conflicting views on customer value, the need for a reliable approach to forecasting revenue, costs, and profit becomes crucial. Through a transformative partnership, a comprehensive operating model was built to project 60-month customer value, leveraging survival models, load forecast modeling, data engineering, and modular processing units. The impact was profound, with a single source of truth for forecasted customer value being used across the business. From pricing strategies to financial planning and sales partner management, the model's outputs played a pivotal role. Experience the immediate benefits, including the elimination of negative LTV accounts, targeted price changes yielding substantial profit gains, and a strategic refocus of sales partners. Witness the power of the Inspire Operating Model as it illuminates the path to financial success in the ever-evolving world of Retail Energy.


Managing profit and loss (P&L) in the Retail Energy industry poses significant  challenges due to the complexities of fluctuating consumer demand, volatile  commodity prices, and market fragmentation. The Client faced the need for a reliable approach to accurately forecast expected electricity usage, revenue,  costs, and profit. Existing financial models proved to be unreliable and  lacked the necessary granularity to support the detailed decision-making  required to effectively run the business. Compounding the challenge was  intense competition and conflicting views on customer value, leading to  confusion and frustration among stakeholders. Addressing these hurdles  demanded a comprehensive solution that could provide accurate and detailed  insights into P&L management while navigating the complexities of the industry's dynamics.


We partnered with the Client to develop a comprehensive solution for P&L management in the Retail Energy industry. Our approach involved building and  operationalizing a reliable forecasting model that projected customer value  over a 60-month period. This included utilizing survival models for customer  tenure prediction, load forecast modeling for electricity usage projections, and integrating various data sources for accurate calculations. We also  provided user-friendly dashboards and scenario planning tools for enhanced accessibility and decision-making.


The implementation of a single source of truth for forecasted customer value has  had a significant impact across the business. Model outputs are now utilized  daily to support critical functions such as pricing strategies, financial  planning, wholesale energy management, direct-to-consumer targeting, and  sales partner management. Immediate benefits include the elimination of  negative LTV accounts with less than -$1 million in gross profit, targeted  price changes resulting in over $2.5 million in annual gross profit, and  approximately $5 million in gross profit gains from refocusing sales partners  on higher LTV geographies. This has revolutionized decision-making processes  and positively influenced the company's financial performance.

Key Data Points

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