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Join us in the realm of customer care as businesses face the challenge of balancing increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs. In a time where customer demands are at an all-time high. Witness the solution unfold as the focus shifts towards mitigating live call handling through understanding customer needs and leveraging automated solutions. Unstructured call content, captured by reps, holds the key to unlocking efficiency. Through Blend's proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) detection and categorization of unstructured text, predictive models are developed to determine call reasons and instruct AI to support call center agents. With an impressive accuracy rate of over 80%, this revolutionary process leads to reduced expenses and increased customer satisfaction. Prepare to witness the transformation of customer care, where efficiency and satisfaction go hand in hand.


The challenge at hand is finding the right equilibrium between increasing  customer satisfaction and decreasing costs, especially in a time when  customers have heightened expectations from businesses. The client needed to  leverage advanced analytics to assess unstructured call data and help divert  client needs to the right place. Reducing the cost of the customer care team,  while ensuring there is no impact to customer satisfaction and experience.


To address the challenge of expensive and error prone engagement, an innovative  solution was implemented. By leveraging advanced technologies and analytics,  the goal was to reduce live call handling and increase efficiency. This was  achieved by analyzing the reasons why customers were calling and using that  information to predict future call reasons. By understanding these patterns,  automated solutions were deployed to address common concerns and provide  prompt assistance. However, a key hurdle faced by many businesses was the  unstructured call content captured by representatives. To overcome this,  efforts were made to implement systems that could effectively capture and  analyze this unstructured data, enabling valuable insights and improving the  overall effectiveness of the automated solutions, leveraging Natural Language  Processing.


Our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology has had a tremendous  impact on our operations. By detecting and categorizing unstructured text, we  have been able to develop predictive models that accurately determine the  reasons for customer calls. This enables us to provide AI-powered support to  our call center agents, resulting in significant cost reductions and improved  customer satisfaction. Our process has achieved an impressive accuracy rate  of over 80%, further solidifying the effectiveness and reliability of our  approach.

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