Transformation Empowered: Financial Services Survey Insights



Embark on a journey as the Transformation & Operations division within a Global Commercial Financial Services organization seeks to create a more effective and continuously improving organization. In collaboration with Blend, witness the power of data analysis as a comprehensive Tableau dashboard system is designed and built to analyze business process improvement survey responses. Through six phases of the project, including data consolidation, discovery and prep, definition of hierarchy/themes/process areas, measurement template creation, storyboarding, and readout/presentation, Blend brings clarity and actionable insights to the forefront. Experience the impact as key transformation information becomes easily accessible to leaders, enabling KPI-based decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. With a robust system in place, satisfaction abounds as clients fully embrace the power of the Survey Results Dashboard.


The Transformation & Operations BU within a Global Commercial Financial  Services organization faced a significant challenge. With a workforce of over  1000 people spread across six distinct teams, their mission was to create a  more effective organization and foster a culture of continuous process  improvement. To achieve this, they enlisted the expertise of Blend to design  and develop a comprehensive Tableau dashboard system. This system would be  instrumental in analyzing their business process improvement survey response  dataset and extracting valuable insights and findings.


Blend executed the project in six distinct phases, spanning over a 10-week  timeframe. The initial phases involved consolidating and cleansing the  dataset, followed by the discovery and preparation of the data. Next, we  worked on defining the hierarchy, themes, and process areas for analysis. The  creation of a measurement template and prototype was then undertaken to lay  the groundwork for the final deliverables. In the subsequent stages,  storyboarding was implemented to ensure coherence and clarity in presenting  the insights derived from the dataset. Finally, we conducted a comprehensive  readout and presentation of the findings, leveraging the Tableau dashboard  system they had designed and developed. This integrated solution perfectly  complemented the project's objectives and enhanced the organization's ability  to derive actionable insights from their business process improvement survey  response dataset.


Blend's robust system has had a profound impact on the organization, empowering  leaders with seamless access to critical transformation information. With the  system readily available on their laptops, leaders are now equipped to make  data-driven decisions based on key performance indicators (KPIs). The  successful transfer of system operation to highly satisfied clients further  demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of Blend's solution. By  providing easy accessibility and empowering leaders to make informed  decisions, Blend has significantly enhanced the organization's ability to  drive meaningful transformation and achieve their strategic objectives.

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