Mastering Marketing Excellence: Inspiring Journey of Telecom



Embark on a remarkable transformation as a leading telecom and retail wireless provider elevates its marketing capabilities to drive competitive performance in key markets. With a focus on developing critical MarTech capabilities, the company sought a strategic partnership to accelerate their growth. Through an intensive evaluation of marketing capabilities and the identification of synergies across three core lines of business, a comprehensive strategy was defined. This strategy encompassed seven strategic domains and delivered immediate quick wins while paving the way for long-term success. Witness the impact of this journey, from the activation of a new media planning process that shifted timelines to the launch of multi-touch campaigns that achieved extraordinary conversion rates. Experience the power of marketing excellence and redefine what's possible in the telecom and retail wireless landscape.


A prominent provider of television, retail wireless, and IPTV services was in search of a partner to expedite the development and implementation of essential marketing and MarTech capabilities to enhance its competitive performance in crucial markets. A transformation of skills and capabilities was necessary across the three main business lines. This required a strategy that was unique for each unit while also aiming to identify and leverage impactful synergies across all units.


We carried out a comprehensive assessment of marketing capabilities, encompassing human resources, processes, analytics, data, and technology. We devised a strategy and plan across seven strategic domains to attain industry-leading marketing and technology capabilities, while simultaneously delivering immediate wins with skilled resources to support crucial campaigns and operations. Additionally, we crafted an actionable short-term (6-18 months) and directional multi-year roadmap to address potential areas of growth and improvement.


We implemented a new Media Planning Process that dramatically altered our planning approach, shifting from ad hoc planning conducted 2-3 weeks in advance to comprehensive planning two full quarters ahead. This strategic change allowed us to launch multi-touch campaigns, which resulted in a significant increase in our messaging volume by as much as 400%.

Key Data Points

increased send volume

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