Financial Services Transformed: True BI Automation



In this case study, we explore how a Fortune 500 financial services client successfully implemented a cutting-edge solution to empower their Client Leads and Account Executives with real-time insights. By leveraging the Tableau REST API, Apache Spark & hive, and Airflow, the company developed a unique platform that generates personalized workbooks for users on a quarterly basis. This innovative approach not only saves hundreds of hours per quarter through automation but also ensures data integrity and security by preventing cross-contamination between books of business. Discover how this organization achieved true BI automation at scale while enhancing productivity and delivering relevant insights to its teams.


A prestigious Fortune 500 financial services client aimed to develop an interactive platform. The goal was to equip their Client Leads and Account Executives with actionable insights that would enable them to uncover potential opportunities within their customer accounts.


In response to the challenge, we engineered a distinctive solution that harnessed the power of Tableau REST API, Apache Spark & Hive, and Airflow. This system was designed to programmatically create tailored workbooks for Client Leads and Account Executives on a quarterly basis.


With this innovative solution, users receive custom, real-time insights as soon as they become available. The automation of the process leads to significant time savings, amounting to hundreds of hours each quarter. Furthermore, the workbooks are designed with robust security measures to prevent any cross-contamination of data across different business portfolios.

Key Data Points

workbooks generated per quarter
faster reporting than manual process

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