Unveiling Customer Experience Power: Driving Member Engagement and Loyalty



Delve into the world of a 50-year-old nonprofit as it embarks on a mission to revolutionize its customer experience. This case study uncovers the challenges faced by the organization, including excessive communications driving updates and renewals of membership. Recognizing the need to understand the drivers of value and experience for their loyal members, this nonprofit sought a solution. Witness how an in-depth assessment of member communications, offers, preference management, and information services provided invaluable insights into the customer journey. Through objective and analytical evaluation, the impact of initiatives on member engagement, renewal likelihood, and timing was determined. Benchmarking against industry best practices, a strategic roadmap was created, showcasing 12 key initiatives for customer management, integrated experience planning, analytic/measurement models, and digital tracking. The impact was astounding, with the potential for a 15% cost savings in renewals spend through optimized member experience. Join us as we unveil the power of customer experience in the nonprofit sector and discover the transformative potential it holds for driving impact and success.


This case study revolves around a half-century-old nonprofit organization that offers a blend of advocacy, information, and member discounts. The organization was grappling with criticism regarding excessive communications deployed to encourage membership renewals and updates.

The Renewals team hypothesized that these issues were tied to the perceived value and benefits of membership. The organization sought to comprehend the factors driving value and experience for their most loyal, retained members.

However, the organization's ability to construct a member-centric view was hindered by disparate systems, fragmented datasets, and communication silos. This complex infrastructure posed significant challenges for understanding and improving member experience.


The team carried out a thorough evaluation of all member communications, offers, preference management, and information services to gain a clear understanding of the customer experience from initial sign-up to renewal. The team then objectively and analytically assessed the impact of these initiatives on a member's likelihood to engage and renew, as well as the timing of renewal.

They benchmarked their findings against industry best practices pertaining to strategy, experience, customer management, and metrics/measurement.

To further understand the characteristics of the most loyal members, they developed an attribution model. This model provided a segment-level view of customers who were most likely to renew, based on factors such as engagement, services used, and content consumed.


A strategic roadmap was created, outlining 12 key initiatives related to customer management, integrated experience planning, analytic/measurement models, and digital tracking. This roadmap highlighted the potential to achieve a 15% cost reduction in renewal expenditure by optimizing the member experience. The initiatives aimed to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and improve the overall understanding of member behavior.

Key Data Points

roadmap articulated potential cost savings in renewals spend

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