Navigating Retail's Cookieless Future with Google



This case study explores how a major US retailer prepared for a cookieless future and capitalized on the insights provided by Google's clean room (Ads Data Hub). Faced with the challenge of walled gardens and the deprecation of 3P cookies, the retailer needed alternative methodologies to analyze media performance. The solution was the implementation of Google’s clean room, a privacy-safe environment that allows for aggregated analysis of user segments. This allowed for automated reporting and granular views of marketing campaigns to deliver actionable insights. As a result, the retailer gained access to custom insights based on impression-level data, enabling them to understand reach, frequency, overlap, ad collision, and performance. This became a foundational component of their privacy-safe unified measurement solution, not dependent on 3P cookies.


The rise of walled gardens and the discontinuation of third-party cookies have created a need for new approaches to assess media performance. Traditional channels no longer provide access to user-level information, yet the demand for granular campaign performance reporting continues to grow.


We successfully set up and executed Google's Clean Room (Ads Data Hub), a secure environment that ensures privacy by displaying query results on aggregated segments of a minimum of 50 users. This was a strategic move to preserve user privacy while still gaining valuable insights.

Moreover, we introduced automated reporting to glean more detailed views of our marketing campaigns and user-level information. This has provided us with actionable insights that drive our marketing strategies and decisions. Our efforts have demonstrated the power of combining privacy-conscious solutions with in-depth data analysis to achieve superior marketing outcomes.


The retailer now has the ability to access tailor-made insights derived from impression-level data. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of factors such as reach, frequency, overlap, ad collision, and performance.

This initiative is a fundamental part of a privacy-safe unified measurement solution that operates independently of third-party cookies. Hence, it offers a robust and future-proof method for tracking and improving marketing effectiveness while maintaining user privacy.

Key Data Points

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