Revolutionizing Business Health: Unified Metrics Framework



In this compelling case study, we delve into the challenges faced by a Fortune 50 health retailer after multiple acquisitions. The executives struggled to gain consolidated insights into the overall business and its entities. To address this, a centralized executive reporting suite was developed, presenting top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each organization and enabling drill-down capabilities for effective decision-making. The suite focuses on crucial areas such as financial performance, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and operation efficiencies. As a result, over 150 executives now have real-time visibility into approximately 20 key metrics across the company's diverse portfolio, all through a single intuitive interface. The new reporting system ensures that hundreds of executives are promptly informed of any potential highlights or risks, revolutionizing the way business health is monitored in this health retailer.


A prominent Fortune 50 client had made numerous acquisitions over the course of the year. However, their executives were facing challenges in obtaining straightforward and consolidated monitoring of the overall business health and its various entities.


In response to this challenge, we created a unified executive reporting suite that showcased the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each organization. This suite not only provided a comprehensive overview but also allowed for in-depth exploration for more effective monitoring and decision-making. The focus areas of the suite included Financial Performance, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational Efficiencies. This solution served as a one-stop-shop for executives to assess and strategize their business health and growth plans.


The newly developed executive reporting suite has revolutionized the way over 150 executives monitor and analyze their business portfolios. This innovative tool provides visibility into approximately 20 critical metrics across a diverse range of companies, all through a single user-friendly interface.

The reporting suite is designed to alert hundreds of executives daily about any potential highlights or risks that may impact their businesses. This efficient and timely communication has been instrumental in preemptive problem-solving and informed decision-making.

Moreover, the implementation of this solution has resulted in significant savings in operational and licensing costs, amounting to tens of thousands. Recognizing its transformative impact, the solution was lauded for its innovation at the Tableau Conference 2022.

Key Data Points

Solution Award
Tableau Conference 2022 for innovation
Saved in operational & licensing costs​

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