Quick Sight

Would you like to have a single place for seeing your data, drilling down into different numbers, analyzing trends and performing what-if analysis?

You can achieve this and more using AWS QuickSight!


QuickSight is a powerful BI tool that allows anyone on your team to see insights through interactive dashboards, ask questions about their data using natural language and use ML powered forecasting to predict the future. Users will be able to explore their data and make better decisions in seconds!

Get in touch with our team and power up your decision making with AWS & Montevideo Labs!

Use cases

Enable BI for everyone with
QuickSight Q:

We learn by asking questions. QuickSight Q enables your team to perform industrial strength analytics at scale by asking meaningful questions, and providing answers in the form of relevant visualizations.

Perform advanced analytics with ML insights:

Use Amazon’s Machine Learning capabilities to discover hidden insights from your data. Discover trends, identify outliers and find key business drivers without having to write any code. From the simplest queries to the most complex use cases, our team will provide you the power to run predictions with ease and confidence.

Embed analytics to power up your applications:

Take the QuickSight power anywhere! Create and share interactive visualizations, dashboards and reports across multiple channels - like embedding it in your platform. This can help increase user engagement and retention by creating a more personalized experience for each user.



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Built-in security, governance, and compliance

  • End-to-end data encryption for data, and encryption at rest for data in SPICE.
  • Row and Column level security with API support for user or group level control.
  • Rapid deployment for regulated workloads with compliance for HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, GDPR, SOC, PCI, ISO 27001, FedRAMP (High) and more.

No servers to manage, pay by usage

  • Serverless architecture auto-scales to hundreds of thousands of users with high availability; no need to over-provision for peak usage
  • SPICE in-memory engine auto-scales to provide consistent fast response times for end-users and analysts; no need to scale databases for high workloads
  • Pay-per-session optimizes costs by only paying for actual usage; no need to buy thousands of end-user licenses for large-scale BI or embedded analytics

Native IAM permissions for Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena with fine-grained access control for serverless data exploration

  • Amazon SageMaker integration allows easy integration of sophisticated ML models without complex data pipelines

Enable true self-service BI for everyone

  • Q enables end-users to dive deep into data through simple questions without BI training
  • Easy visual analysis of data using QuickSight’s 100% web-based authoring interface.
  • Embed QuickSight capabilities in applications for data-driven user experiences
  • Native AWS services integrations.
  • Private VPC connectivity for secure AWS. access to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Exasol, Amazon RDS and more.

Leverage ML integrations for insights

  • Anomaly Detection to continuously analyze all of your data for anomalies and variations.
  • Forecast business metrics and perform interactive what-if analysis with point-and-click.
  • Auto-Narratives that can be customized and woven into dashboards for deeper context for users.

Build customizable dashboards

  • Pixel-perfect dashboard design for customized, use-case specific dashboards.
  • Deliver personalized email reports and alerts for end-users.
  • On-the-go access using QuickSight’s iOS, Android, or mobile web access.

Connect and scale all of your data

  • Connect to all your data in AWS, 3rd party clouds, or on-premises.
  • SPICE in-memory storage to scale data exploration to thousands of users.
  • Combine data from multiple sources and create complex data models for governed data sharing.

What People Say About Us

We love working with Blend! We've had much success embedding Blend engineers with our full-stack engineering teams for the last several years. Their engineers are smart, curious, good communicators and viewed as trusted partners on our teams
— Dan Smith – Director of Engineering, Indigo
The team has produced continuous improvement to core services, such as an 80% reduction in costs for machine learning job chains, improvements in time to deploy, and improvements in product operations.
— Willard Simmons – VP Product Management Ad Platform, Roku
Blend provides high-caliber staff that has quickly become integral members of the client's team. The team generates detailed reports about the work they've performed and attends all agile meetings. Blend is very responsive and maintains active communication via Slack.
— Jay Henry - Director of Engineering, Pixability
Hiring Blend has made us all better engineers. They provided us with true team members… I TRUST them, they care, they are respected throughout my company, and they are dedicated to our success. Many emergency EMR or ES cluster rebuilds under pressure and other infrastructure deployments are happily dealt with even when off hours. Always thinking and not afraid to bring up new ideas or approaches.
— Scott Moran – Principal Software & Cloud Data Engineer, Mastercard
Blend helped us with end to end development. They helped us build new features, scale up existing stack, and were involved in all of our development.
— Benjamin Zak – Chief Technology Officer at Disruptel


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