Streamlining Consumer Marketing: A Case Study in Implementing a Centralized Campaign Solution



This case study looks at how we successfully implemented a centralized consumer marketing campaign solution for a pharmaceutical client. By collaborating with stakeholders, they developed a targeted strategy based on patient segmentation and onboarded new data. In just six weeks, they implemented a Martech stack with an integrated consumer database, enabling real-time data ingestion. Deploying trigger-based CRM campaigns, they achieved impressive results with high open and click-through rates. Ongoing monitoring ensured campaign success, demonstrating Blend's ability to drive impactful marketing campaigns.


The task at hand was to develop a centralized consumer marketing campaign  solution for a pharmaceutical client, particularly for their inaugural  product launch as a new brand. Blend was enlisted to deliver the essential  technology for effective campaign management, facilitate a holistic  understanding of the consumer, generate insightful campaign reports, and  leverage analytics and CRM insights to optimize reach and operational  efficiency.


In order to create a comprehensive and effective strategy, we worked closely  with various stakeholders and agencies to identify the most impactful  touchpoints for different patient segments. By collaborating with Legal, IT,  and other agencies, we established trust and became a trusted partner and  facilitator. This involved on-boarding new data to define campaign strategies  that would successfully convert prospects into patients. Additionally, we  coordinated activities, reviewed campaign results, and developed a detailed  workplan. To ensure consistency and efficiency, we also created business  rules and documented a full Playbook for campaigns and end-to-end tests  within the CRM database.


The implementation of a Martech stack with a fully integrated consumer database  was successfully accomplished within just 6 weeks. This allowed for the  ingestion of real-time data from multiple sources and enabled the deployment  of trigger-based omni-channel CRM campaigns in a HIPAA-compliant environment.  The introduction of multi-level triggered campaign streams resulted in  remarkable engagement rates, with each campaign achieving an impressive open  rate of over 50% and a click-through rate of 30%. Moreover, as a direct  outcome of these campaigns, an impressive 20% of CRM registrants converted  into loyal brand customers. To closely monitor and measure the performance of  these efforts, comprehensive weekly reporting dashboards were implemented.

Key Data Points

50% open rate / 30% CTOR
per campaign
CRM registrants converting to brand