Pharma Marketing Revolution: Campaign Management and Reporting



In this case study, discover how Blend collaborated with a pharmaceutical client to implement a centralized consumer marketing campaign solution. By leveraging data-driven strategies, they successfully optimized touchpoints, generated leads, and provided valuable insights for future CRM strategies. Find out how their Martech stack implementation and webinar launch initiative led to significant results in just 6 weeks.


A pharmaceutical client aimed to establish a centralized consumer marketing campaign solution to manage all consumer interactions, touchpoints, and channel preferences. We were enlisted to assist with the launch of the client's first product entering the market under a new brand.

Our task was to provide the technology to support campaign management, offer a comprehensive view of the consumer, report on campaigns, and utilize analytics along with database/CRM insights to broaden reach and enhance efficiency.


We collaborated with various stakeholders and agencies to create a strategy focused on the most influential touchpoints, based on patient segmentation. We established ourselves as a trusted partner and facilitator among Legal, IT, and other agencies. This was achieved by onboarding new data to define the campaign strategy that would convert prospects into patients, coordinating activities, reviewing results, and providing an overall work plan.

We crafted business rules and comprehensive 'Playbook' documentation for campaigns, along with end-to-end tests in the CRM database. To monitor campaign activity and assess impact, we developed Tableau Dashboard reports. These reports facilitated strategies that effectively drove leads down the conversion funnel.


We successfully implemented a Martech stack with a fully integrated consumer database in just 6 weeks. This provided the client with the ability to comprehend segments and optimize their future CRM strategy and prioritization through insights into current customers and registration patterns. Furthermore, we facilitated and executed a phased webinar launch initiative, which generated 250 webinar registrants.

Key Data Points

Webinar registrants

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