All-Star Program

Our elite early-career talent development program uniquely designed for new/recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in data science and tech consulting.

Data Science,
Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Strategy,
Project Management

Build a Career on the Leading Edge of Data Science

Joining Blend as an All-Star provides the opportunity to do meaningful work for some of the world’s largest brands.

Choose to start a career in one of our career tracks which include Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Strategy and Project Management.

Access specialized skills and experience to augment your team or provide a valuable external lens for your project.

6-month full time training program consists Blend instructor-led classes, individualized learning

Hands-On real client work with leading global brands

Blend360's All-Star Program not only prepared me for a successful career in data science but also made me feel like part of a family. It's an opportunity like no other.”

– Sagar , Senior Data Science Manager, All-Star Alumnus.

The Blend All-Star Experience

We get it. We understand today’s business challenges, and we solve them with customized, dynamic and flexible talent solutions.

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