Data Science Case Studies - Hospitality Industry Marketing Roadmap | Blend360

We partnered with a new CMO for $2B Hospitality company to assess outdated marketing strategies, data and technology capabilities and to develop a high impact campaign strategy to engaged consumers in direct and digital programs.


• The new CMO for this decades old company wanted to modernize the company’s capabilities and ultimately approach to engaging a new generation of customers.

• Traditional, siloed approach to marketing – based on very outdated systems dominated the company’s cultures – ripe for change.


• BLEND360 assessed capabilities rapidly over a 2-month period looking at strategy, performance/ROI, data, campaign capabilities and technical capabilities as well as analytics.

• A roadmap of program was recommended including revising duplicative 3rd party data agreements, upgrading predictive targeting models and piloting multi-channel campaigns.

• Developed and implemented revised predictive models across all stages of the prospect lifecycle.


CTO & CMO Approval of funding for implementation
> $1MM Cost Savings from elimination of low performing and redundant data sources
60% Improvement in model performance
$22MM Revenue Increase annually as a result of analytical initiatives completed through roadmap implementation