The Personalization Maturity Model: Building Tailored Experiences for Every Customer



Join us in the realm of customer care as businesses face the challenge of balancing increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs. In a time where customer demands are at an all-time high, Blend360 emerges as the hero with their thought leadership and advanced analytic capabilities. Witness the solution unfold as the focus shifts towards mitigating live call handling through understanding customer needs and leveraging automated solutions. Unstructured call content, captured by reps, holds the key to unlocking efficiency.

Through Blend360's proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) detection and categorization of unstructured text, predictive models are developed to determine call reasons and instruct AI to support call center agents. With an impressive accuracy rate of over 80%, this revolutionary process leads to reduced expenses and increased customer satisfaction. Prepare to witness the transformation of customer care, where efficiency and satisfaction go hand in hand.


A forefront Fortune 500 global financial institution with regional headquarters spanning 7 distinct locations, faces the critical challenge of maintaining a delicate balance between enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.


The challenge is further magnified as the expenses related to human engagement continue to rise alongside the surge in interaction volumes. Additionally, the widespread occurrence of unstructured call content, often documented by representatives, further compounds the issue.


To tackle these challenges, the Client required an optimal solution capable of streamlining their operations effectively.


With Blend360 stepping onto the scene to offer a strategic solution, the complex task of mitigating the challenges of live call handling relied on a comprehensive understanding of the Client’s customer interactions.


This understanding revolved around three key aspects:

·     Identifying the reasons behind customer calls

·     Leveraging this insight to anticipate future call reasons

·     Strategically addressing these concerns through automated solutions


To facilitate this, Blend360's proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) detection methodology came into play. By detecting and categorizing unstructured content from customer interactions, this innovative approach paved the way for the development of predictive models, capable of efficiently determining the driving forces behind calls. The synergy between advanced technology and thoughtful strategy formed the cornerstone of a transformational approach to customer care.

The process flow to drive better customer call engagement.


Through Blend's proprietary NLP detection and categorization, the Client could instruct their Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support call center agents. Beyond the enhancement of call operations, this strategic initiative also brought forth an additional advantage:

Key Data Points

accuracy rate for NLP detection, which resulted in reduced expenses and increased customer satisfaction