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Unifying a marketing measurement framework and roadmap to help a global hospitality brand build best-in-class capabilities



The company wanted to revamp its marketing measurement methodology by combining top down and bottoms up approaches, given new business realities during post-Covid period.  

The existing optimization approach was channel-focused, and client goal was to enhance approach by incorporating customer-focus as well. In particular, the client wanted to base media spend decisions on long-term customer value by segment in addition to cost per conversion. They also had limited in-market testing had been conducted prior, and there was an opportunity to optimize the mix using a robust testing framework



•      Assessed current measurement tools and reports & performed stakeholder interviews with key stakeholders

•      Analyzed existing measures, data sources& attribution solutions

•      Created custom identify graph to build individual level journeys

•      Performed digital journey analysis using Markov Chain on user level data

•      Developed Multi-Touch Attribution Pilot

•      Developed a comprehensive roadmap for building unified measurement capabilities by combining top-down and bottom-up approaches


•      Chief Analytics Officer adopted measurement roadmap and funded key priorities

•      Markov Chain analysis identified opportunities to adjust spend in key channels at top, mid and lower funnel

•      Working with Marketing Measurement Team to operationalize high priority items

•      Immediate focus is Cross-Channel Reporting and Multi-touch Attribution