Data Science Case Studies - Online Grocery Store | Blend360

Provided an online grocery company support and resources on upgrading scheduled reports into real-time reports.


The client was struggling with upgrading some of their scheduled reports into real-time report because of lack of support and resources.

The reports pulled data from Oracle database and the end-users need to see real-time numbers every day to make timely decisions on inventory and delivery planning.


BLEND360 was able to optimize the underlying code and doing the necessary changes within the BI tool to build real-time reports.

The report structure was also updated so that the end-users can not only see the current values but also compare with historic data if needed.


The average refresh time of the key report are shortened from 12-15 minutes to less than 15 seconds. Users can load real-time data whenever they open the reports.
The reports developed provided insights to drive campaigns and decisions within our client’s organization.