Data Science Case Studies - Omni-Channel Branding Campaign | Blend360

BLEND360helped drive audience creation, selection, onboarding and measurement for a multi-channel branding campaign


• Client wanted to execute a multi-channel branding campaign across above-the-line and below-the-line media

• Measurement dimensions included media mix, audience segment and creative

• The campaign included a complex test design with test and control audiences both within and across matched DMAs

• There were ~100 segments activated through more than 500 separate lists based on unique combinations of: DMA, Model Decile, Segment, Test vs. Control, Media


• Response Modeling: Developed & scored the predictive model used for audience selection

• Segmentation: Coordinated with media agency to define audience segmentation for creative versioning

• List Selection: Executed list selects for all media and segments

• Onboarding: Managed through multiple partners to maximize match rates, while controlling costs

• Measurement: Ensured proper data captured and flow for measurement within and across media

• Agency Coordination: Played a significant role coordinating activities across client groups and agency partners


Executed distinct test population campaigns: Above-the-Line, Above-the-Line and Digital, and Digital Alone
Achieved 35 % increase in site traffic
Drove18% decrease in cost-per-acquisition for digital arms of program