Data Science Case Studies - Customer Experience | Blend360

BLEND360 performed a member CEA and the analysis of retention drivers.


• 50-year-old membership organization focused on combination of advocacy, information and discounts for members
• Client struggled with feedback on excessive communications to drive updates/renewals of membership; Renewals team believed this issue was associated with member benefits and value
• Organization wanted to understand drivers of value and experience associated with most loyal, retained members
• Disparate systems, data sets and communication silos challenged ability to build a customer centric view of members


• Evaluated all member communications, offers, preference management and information services to clearly understand customer experience from join up to the time of renewal
• Assessed the impact of initiatives objectively and analytically on likelihood of member to engage, renew, timing to renew, etc.
• Benchmarked against industry best practices associated with strategy, experience, customer management and metrics/measurement
• Developed attribution model to understand segment-level view of customers most likely to renew bas-ed on engagement, services and content used


Developed a strategic roadmap with 12 key initiatives associated with customer management, integrated experience planning, analytic/measurement models and digital tracking
Roadmap articulated potential of 15% cost savings in renewals spend by optimizing member experience