Data Science Case Studies - Customer Intelligence Hub | Blend360

Integrating customer data from across the enterprise to enable insight generation and connecting it to a marketing automation solution to enable personalized customer journeys


•Education company that provided online curricula to home schoolers had limited insight into marketing performance and customer behavior

•Campaign results were siloed in operational systems, and there was no single source of truth for marketing performance

•Marketing data was not connected to customer outcomes, making it impossible to understand whether customer lifetime value varied by channel


•Creating a Customer IntelligenceHub that integrates consumer data across multiple brands to create a single, consolidated view

•Applying state-of-the-art customer data integration (CDI) to unify all records associated a consumer into a single, consolidated record

•Integrating marketing engagement and response data with customer behavioral data to better assess ROI by channel

•Providing access to app usage information to monitor engagement with the curriculum to support customer management and product development

•Implementing Tableau reporting with executive dashboards and detailed reporting by customer, product and channel

•Implementing Marketo to enable lead management and personalized customer communications fueled by data in the Customer Intelligence Hub


•Reallocating marketing spend based on initial views into recategorized spend data

•Enabled development of LTV models by channel, which will further affect allocation of marketing spend