Two Things That Remain the Same in Business Intelligence- and That's a Good Thing!

April 20, 2020

Premsun Durai Rajesh, Practice Head- BI

Two things remain the same and will continue to be so with BI:

(i) Business Intelligence has always been a critical function that play's a role in board room decisions all the way down to the smallest departments in the business

(ii) The primary ingredient to get going on BI is DATA and in today’s world there is a lot of data

Traditional Business Intelligence is generally associated with either the CIO/CTO of the Organization and the software development life cycle (SDLC) process.

But, in the past 10 years, data visualization has made a considerable difference in the way BI has been perceived. For example, a data analyst working for a small team in a marketing department can now build the high-impact dashboards for C-level folks – serving up data and insights in an interactive and engaging format.

There are a few areas of focus that help in applying an agile and nimble approach to the way BI and Data Visualizations can make an impact.

For an Individual:

Dream big, but start small! Look for quick wins and have the willingness to go the extra mile.


For example, an executive in the organization could ask for a simple excel table on KPIs. Did we ever wonder why management is asking for just an excel report? It is not because they do not want sophisticated reporting; it is because that is the simplest and easiest way to explain the requirements and make it easy and understandable for the parties concerned.

Approach: Anyone can be merely an order taker and go back with the excel table. The opportunity is to consider using a data visualization tool at your disposal and add value to the task on hand -"A picture – especially an interactive one - is worth a thousand words." No one would say no if the alternate view is provided that delivers an intuitive understanding of the data and does a better job in the given context and time.

If you are a leader with the goal of making data-driven decisions, you have an opportunity to guide and enable your team to have access to the right data visualization tool to complement your team's deliverables, see them succeed and reap the promising benefits. When plenty of potential high-quality online resources available, we can have a head start right away.

For an Enterprise:


At BLEND360, we strive for more than just a BI solution, but a solution that will add value and makes a difference in the long run, tailored to every organization/team's need. Be it for a department or an enterprise, and we take a user-centric approach to the problem in hand. The adage Awake and arise and stop not till the goal is reached fits in here, and we are here to shoulder your BI needs.

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