The Importance of Audience Activation

January 1, 2019

Powerful identity graphs allow marketers to find and activate audiences simultaneously across touch-points

Digital Audience Activation

Marketers are taking online initiatives to leverage audience micro-targeting and intent-based marketing strategies. Audience activation drives brand awareness across touch-points and leads to immediate consumer action, and because it is digital it is fast and highly measurable.

Data-driven marketing is no longer a new concept in today’s data driven business world. In using Data Management Platforms (DMPs), marketers can use big data to inform their marketing activity. DMPs have allowed companies to merge all their once siloed data into a central platform. DMPs allow marketers to reach a target audience, across multiple channels, and provide detailed analysis and reports into campaign performance.

Audience Activation Strategies

Planning an audience activation strategy using analytics and insights can be the missing link for a full view of consumers. Increasing availability of digital data has made it more difficult to understand its value. Without a defined audience activation strategy, insights will lack clarity regarding who you are talking to and how they prefer to communicate and engage. Leveraging identities across consumer touch-points, multiple data sources, and platforms becomes essential in understanding who your audience is.

BLEND360’s solutions can help you navigate the growing complexity of audience activation strategies. Our knowledge and experience of data-driven marketing, analytics, DMPs, Adobe solutions, and targeted audience activation/campaigns, will be a resource that can drive your company forward in growth, sales, and brand awareness.

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