Reengagement of the Workforce Post-Pandemic

August 27, 2020

Kim Roberts, Talent Acquisition Partner

“Post-Pandemic.”  A term we have all likely heard more than a few times recently.  But what does it mean?  Does it indicate that there is an end in sight?  While we cannot pinpoint when the pandemic will be fully behind us, we have already begun to shift towards a path to recovery.  Lockdown orders have been lifted, businesses have reopened, and many offices are preparing to welcome their workforce back.  But as organizations begin to emerge from the crisis phase, they may face challenges in returning to “business as usual.”  Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to ensure that they position their employees and consultants for successful reengagement at work, whether returning from a furlough or returning to the office after months of remote work.

Back to Work?

Let’s face it: “back to work” will not likely mean “back to normal”.  Challenges may arise as your organization or team begins to return to work.  Be sure to consider the following:

How Can We Adapt?

Although the circumstances of this year have been less than ideal for business, it is critical to adapt accordingly to ensure continued success.  If your employees or consultants are beginning to return to the office or return from furlough, there are steps that can be taken to help foster a smooth transition throughout the recovery process:


Looking Ahead

If we have learned anything about ourselves and our organizations throughout this pandemic, it is that we are resilient.  We have all been forced to adjust to the challenges of a crisis that was thrown our way, and while we are not out of the woods yet, many of us are beginning to look to the future.  As we gradually begin to return to some semblance of normalcy, it is important to be patient and empathetic towards ourselves and others.  Try some of our tips for successfully re-engaging your workforce to hit the ground running in a post-pandemic world.  Feel free to share some ideas of your own as well!

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