Philosophy of Business Is Personal

June 17, 2020

Patrick Hennessy, CEO & Co-Founder

One of my favorite philosophies through the years is the concept of Business is Personal, I think it is a different way of thinking that drives a better work environment, long term business strategy and a life well lived.


As I was growing up in the business world people would always talk about how you have to have ‘work life balance’ and I agree with enjoying your life outside of work is very important, it’s also important to enjoy your life while you work. The ‘work life balance’ statement, in a way, sent a message that it is wrong to mix your personal life with your business life - business was business and personal was personal and never the two shall meet.

For me over my career, the best work I have done and the best business decisions I have made is when work and personal meet.  

Better Business Outcomes


Different Ways to Incorporate Business is Personal into Your Business

I first picked up on the business is personal from David Williams CEO of Merkle he was amazing about it. We used to joke that David had no friends outside of work and that’s what we were there for, which is not true of course! Until this day I remain good friends with David and I try and follow many lessons I learned from him in our 20 years working together. Business is Personal is one of the philosophies that David followed as he built Merkle from a $2 million services company to a Billion dollar plus Worldwide Agency.


As another example, I was recently speaking with a friend of mine, Sean Battle who is the CEO of PCI a large, fast-growing technology company. We were talking about the challenging times many companies are facing right now and how to navigate through it. Sean said his biggest coaching to his team is ‘we need to make decisions as if they are affecting our own family members’. For Sean and his team, Business is Personal and they have used that as a guiding light. The philosophy has helped the company grow in 11 years to 300+ employees with 16 locations.

I hope it helps you in some way, shape or form.


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