Oh No! They Asked Me to Write a Bio

May 1, 2020

When a recruiter or prospective employer asks you to include a bio with your resume, don’t panic. Here are some tips for writing compelling bio to help you win that job or assignment.


The key elements of a bio:

The Headline – assume the reader may not read past the first line.  In one sentence, grab the reader’s attention by stating why you are ideal for that position or assignment – directly relevant experience, company alum, industry expertise, etc.  The headline should be the compelling reason to consider you.

Career Highlights and Accomplishments - How is your most recent role transferable? What professional goals have you reached? Did you exceed your job responsibilities in a quantifiable way? Have you received relevant awards?

History: What other aspects of your background make you ideal for this assignment? Led a team? Worked in highly matrixed cross functional organization? Led a project team? Tools expertise? Interfaced with internal and external partners? Worked with senior leadership directly?  

Reference Highlight – include any relevant points from your professional references.  If you worked for the company in the past, include the name of an advocate who still works there that you are certain will provide very positive feedback.

Leadership Competencies/Culture Fit – Calm under pressure? Diplomatic assertiveness?   Analytical? Creative? Exceptionally detail-oriented? Articulate? Strong presenter?  (Everyone has strong communication skills – our advice - skip it)

Education and credentials: Noteworthy educational background? Advanced Degree?  Certifications?

Availability – when are you available to start a new assignment?  

Summary – add your final thoughts on why you should be considered.  

Once you have a bio you feel confident about, you can tweak it as needed for each position or assignment you’ve applied to – and a great bio truly helps your recruiter position you as a perfect candidate!

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