Getting Ready for the New Normal Work Environment

July 9, 2020

Sally Stavola, Talent Acquisition Specialist

As the tri-state area slowly starts to reopen, we are seeing a small glimpse of what our lives might look like for quite some time. Juggling work and home responsibilities while we work from home, changing strategies at work, uncertainty around summer camps, and a lot of take-out dinners.

Work Environment

For most of the country, our work environment changed quickly as shutdowns began to happen. The COVID-19 pandemic has created changes that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago. In early 2020, it seemed unfathomable that the workforce of many companies would soon be working solely from home. Today, as things start to reopen, we continue to navigate through the pandemic, with a lot of the focus remaining on digital engagement in a remote setting and companies reevaluating their strategies. Big changes still lie ahead in daily routines, office layouts and corporate policies since there is no definite end in sight. However, as the workforce evolves, we are watching as businesses rethink their remote work force and become more flexible to the idea long-term. Desired remote work situations for the worker and reduced office overhead for the employer is a trend that is expected to continue post-pandemic.

How is this Affecting the Market

The environment for talent is drastically changing. It has become a buyers’ market in the talent space. Businesses have been affected by shutdowns, down-sizing and hiring freezes. With an expansive pool of talent now available, employers will now have their pick of top talent from anywhere in the country.

A Few Positives For The Job Seeker:

  1. Location! Again, job seekers are also benefiting from employer’s flexibility with remote work. Thus, candidates can consider working for companies they normally wouldn’t be able to pursue based on where they live. And, of course, remote work means lower commuting costs.
  2. Flexibility - Many employers are to open to remote work and flexible schedules due to the proven increased productivity that has been successful during COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates can be more selective in working for a company that demonstrates their ideal culture. Whether it be a company that promotes a flexible work schedule to accommodate those who are parenting or taking care of elderly family members, or an organization that allows for a variety of work shifts. Candidates can consider consulting opportunities as well, which can offer more flexibility overall.
  3. Networking. The professional community has become much more open to making connections and networking with others as a support system during this time. As we have all seen, many people are posting on LinkedIn that they will help anyone who has been impacted, whether it be connecting them with someone who is hiring or helping them navigate through the current job-hunting landscape.

At BLEND360, we work closely with our community of clients and candidates to keep everyone abreast of the trends that we are seeing in the marketplace. It is becoming increasingly clear that the world will never be the same until there is a treatment/vaccine for COVID-19. And, even then the world of work could evolve to something we’ve never seen before.

This is a time for both companies and candidates to remain flexible and agile. Keep the communication open and we could end up with more productive and happy employees and stronger organizations. That would be a very positive outcome for all of us.