Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives are on the Rise

April 13, 2021

Dana Klaboe

A recent statistic provided by ZoomInf(a business-to-business database) quoted that in the last five years, companies have increased hiring executives with diversity and inclusion titles by 113%. That sounds impressive, but it is still a low number at only 2000+ new hires with this title.

Now, more than ever, employees and consumers are calling on leaders to address discrimination and racial inequality within their organizations.

Many companies appear to be heeding such calls. Here at BLEND360, we are also answering the call.  

For us, a diverse workforce is a strong workforce. We believe as a Talent Solutions Company; we have a responsibility and unique opportunity to positively impact the workforce. Diversity has played a critical role in our history, our growth, and continues to have a profound impact on our success.  

So, what are we doing? We increased our efforts and established a D&I Council to champion new initiatives. We started with our mission statement, reevaluated our own process and set up training for our employees. Turns out, training was just as much a team building exercise as it was ‘training’. Our employees want to talk about diversity, and we welcome the sometimes uncomfortable dialogue. We want to be part of the positive change in today’s workforce.  

So, now that we are more aware of bias and we are learning from history, how do we make changes?

There is no simple answer for any company, but for BLEND360, we have prioritized a few critical areas of our business to make an impact. We have evaluated our referral processes and the choice of words we are using everywhere – and it does make a difference.  We have informed discussions about new efforts and new learnings as a team.

We do not have an executive with a diversity and inclusion title, but we are continuing to grow, and I am hopeful that one day we will. We have a lot to do, and I know my team is committed to grow, learn, and evolve.

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