Consultant Spotlight - Joey: Making A Difference Through Collaboration

May 9, 2023

Meet Joey, a woman passionate about making a difference in the world through her work.  At Blend360, we found a perfect match for her values and skills.  With a desire to create innovative solutions, Joey is now with an organization that shares her passion for pushing boundaries and allows her to make a difference in her work.

At Blend360, the Consultant Spotlight program recognizes outstanding team members who have gone above and beyond. We celebrate the hard work and dedication of those who align with the company's mission.

With a degree in Advertising and a background in Media Planning, Joey took a leap of faith from Kansas City to New York City, where she became eager to find a new client-facing opportunity in Marketing. Through the help and support of one of our talented recruiters, we landed her a chance at one of the leading financial services firms.

For Joey, the fast-moving and ever-evolving world of financial services is an exciting space. “There’s always new innovations and new ways to show backing for your customers – in giving people peace of mind.” She has always found interest in looking at how the markets are shaping and changing, and working with financial services gives her a great first line of insight into what’s most impactful today.

Similarly, Joey is passionate about driving meaningful impact for her colleagues and clients. She finds satisfaction in her job as she collaborates with partners across teams to transform ideas into tangible and captivating experiences.

Joey is most proud of providing her colleagues with the information and knowledge to enhance the conversations they’re having with prospects and customers – knowledge that she keeps up to date with through voracious reading on industry trends and developments. Her role in bringing pieces of content to life fuels her creative impulses and enables her colleagues to achieve tremendous success in their endeavors. Being an integral part of such a dynamic team gives Joey a sense of purpose and accomplishment that she finds genuinely fulfilling.

“Everyone was helpful and supportive of my needs and questions during the process.” When she met the teams, Joey knew it would be an excellent fit for her. The company's commitment to transparency and support was evident from the get-go, as the team went out of their way to answer her questions and address her concerns during the entire process. From her initial interactions with the team, Joey sensed a strong connection and shared purpose, ultimately confirming that Blend360 was the right fit for her professional aspirations.

Joey is a shining example of the kind of talent we are proud to have at Blend360. Her expertise and passion for her Marketing are contagious, and she truly embodies the spirit of collaboration and excellence that we value as a company.

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