Consultant Spotlight - Anthony: Embracing the Challenge and Respecting the Learning Curve

July 5, 2023

The Consultant Spotlight recognizes and tells the stories of those who not only impact our organization in a positive way but also impact the lives of other people, places, things, and much more.

Meet Anthony, one of Blend’s many talented consultants and a valuable piece of our community. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Anthony has had quite the journey, serving in the army before landing in Columbus, Georgia. Georgia felt like home for Anthony, so he decided to stay after completing his military service.  After his Military career, something was still missing, the feeling of stagnancy and being left behind started to creep in. On the journey to discover himself and his career path, he stumbled upon the world of Marketing and Finance.

“I’ve always, in some way, kind of been interested in Finance,” he said.

Blend360 recognized his potential expertise and the unique perspective he could bring to the team, and therefore presented the right opportunity that became a turning point for his career.

The genuine care for consultants and their journey of growth resonated deeply with Anthony, affirming Blend was the right place for him.

Captivated by Blend's culture, the harmonious blend of professionalism and inclusivity, Anthony stated joining Blend360 was an “easy decision” for him. He sought out an organization that provided an environment where his voice would be heard and truly values satisfaction. The genuine care for consultants and their journey of growth resonated deeply with Anthony, affirming Blend was the right place for him.

“I think one of my favorite challenges would be bringing different personalities together -- It’s like my favorite part of the job” he said. His previous experience as an Army leader helped him become a great mediator, helping teams align towards a common goal. “When you have to coordinate four squads of men from completely different backgrounds, belief systems, etc. you begin to get good at it.”

As an Implementation Specialist, Anthony combines his experience through guiding organizations in optimizing their processes, reducing costs and improve overall efficiency. Whether it's a renowned company or a local business striving to grow, Anthony leverages his adaptive approach to cater to everyone’s unique needs. His talent for fostering unity and delivering successful outcomes earned him the respect and admiration of clients and colleagues. His advice for all those entering the industry and getting started in their careers, is to embrace learning curves, respect the process of continuous growth, and seek the guidance of seasoned professionals and colleagues.

“Don't feel like you're alone. Feel free to ask questions. Take advantage of the learning, and respect that learning will take time. If you try to ignore it or breeze through it, you’ll be missing pieces,” he said.  

At Blend360, we firmly believe that every individual possesses the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small. We take immense pride in the impact consultants, like Anthony, have on our clients' businesses. Our success stories and track record speak for themselves as we continue to embark on a journey to drive excellence, innovation, and growth together. By recognizing and amplifying the exceptional contributions of our consultants, we hope to ignite a spark of inspiration and instill a profound sense of purpose within our entire organization.

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