Career Launch in a Pandemic…Lessons and Tips on Working Remotely

June 23, 2021

Melissa Edmonds, Associate Project Manager

Unfortunately, the pandemic added a level of anxiety for most individuals seeking new jobs. It added extra stress for 2020 college graduates eager to find jobs, not knowing if there would be many opportunities during their search. For those fortunate post-graduates who landed jobs, many were forced into remote working environments. What could be so bad about working from home? Well, it may sound great, but there are many uncertainties that flooded our minds… How am I going to learn what to do? How am I going to meet people? What if I make a mistake?


Working from home during the first few months as a new hire can be overwhelming. It is the time to stay focused, be curious, and set boundaries for yourself. Something that I believe has helped me succeed in this type of unconventional working environment is concentrating on my health and wellness. Not only should you be a part of a company that supports you, but it is also crucial to think about what you can do for yourself during the workday to help you succeed physically and mentally. Here are some health and wellness tips and lessons learned that I took away from working remotely during the pandemic:


1)  Set Boundaries

Being able to step away from the room in my home that I called “my office” was key. Of course, it is imperative to have a quiet space where you can do your work, however; people can get easily sucked into working long hours with no breaks. I tried to set specific times around work and made sure to have enough time for my personal life.


2) 15 Minutes of Exercise

I made it a priority to set a minimum of 15 minutes each day to move my body. Don’t forget that exercise comes in many forms. Whether you go for a walk around the block, stretch, or take a high intensity interval training class, there is an option for everyone. Also, I scheduled my workout ahead of time and wrote it down, so that I committed to it. The benefits are great when it comes to getting your physical activity in each day and you’ll feel accomplished and alert for your workday ahead.


3) Take in the Fresh Air

It is easy to lose track of time when your busy behind the computer. There have been many times where I have looked up from the screen and have wondered where the day went. To avoid this, I set alarms on my phone to get outside at some point during the day. There is nothing better than taking in a breath of fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun. If stepping outside is not an option, open a window.


4) Drink Your H20

Drinking a substantial amount of water during a long day of work helps to keep the mind and body functioning. An easy way to get into the habit of drinking enough water is to use a reusable water bottle and add flavor, such as a slice of lemon. It’s best to keep the bottle close to you so that you know immediately when it’s time to refill!


5) Intuitive Eating

Give your body the fuel it needs! Intuitive eating is shown to increase your self-esteem and diminish stress levels. It was important for me to remember to get at least three meals throughout the course of the day and pay close attention to what I was putting in my body. You would be surprised how much energy you will gain throughout your workday if you simply think about it.


6) Interact

I saved the most essential lesson I learned for last. Staying connected with my community around me helped me to grow. I reached out to other new hires going through a similar experience and talked often with my mentor and senior leaders. I have learned that the best way to grow within a company is to be an active listener, ask questions, and acknowledge the mistakes you make along the way.



Through these tips, lessons, and having a great supporting community at BLEND360, I have been able to maintain the best version of myself. Whether you are starting to work back in the office or staying remote, these are great habits to take away for any environment! I have learned to roll with the punches, and I was able to adapt to an environment that I was not expecting pre-pandemic. I am excited to take all these tips and skills and apply them to other work experiences as I continue to grow and succeed.



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