Blend360 Launches B2B Practice, Appointing Adam Mincham as SVP, Practice Leader

August 19, 2021

The B2B practice is designed to optimize business performance through advanced data science, leveraging current BLEND Analytics, Tech and Consulting capabilities, while augmenting with new capabilities to create modern experiences that deliver results. With Adam leading the practice, the team sees exponential growth opportunities and believes that the B2B Market is underserved, needing a provider like BLEND360. They will focus on the US based clients and expand their footprint to support global client needs.

“We are thrilled to get a world class talent like Adam on the team and I am looking forward to working with him as we build our B2B offering,” says Patrick Hennessey, Co-Founder and CEO.

Why B2B and Why Now?

B2B Customer Experience has gone through an exponential shift in the last 3 years. We have seen the Millennial audience take up senior decision-making positions across industries, and with that, comes expectations for seamless digital experiences where brands learn over time and build value exchanges. Over the last 18 months we have seen an even more drastic shift in how we engage at work, no more physical events, limited access to onsite meetings/pitches and increased desire to collaborate remotely. Changes in engagement, especially in the sales process, has created a knock-on effect in how B2B organizations go to market and requires complex digital transformation initiatives, smarter integrations between technologies and teams, as well as significant improvement in data mastery, to bring it to life.

At BLEND360, we believe that Data Science is a key factor in driving those future B2B experiences and that we have the key foundational skills to support our clients in delivering significant performance improvement, today. Skills in ML/AI, Decisioning, data engineering, BI and visualization, measurement & attribution as well as process optimization, program design and technology stack integration & advisory position us well to help clients not only think through the optimal experience but also to think through, deploy and maintain the operations to get the job done.

Adam Mincham, SVP of B2B Practice, comes to BLEND360 with over 20 years of experience in the Tech and B2B sectors. He brings a diverse experience in sales, marketing, account leadership and operational roles in finance, procurement and IT. “I am thrilled to join the BLEND360 leadership team. I believe that we are well positioned in the continued growth of data driven experience and feel that the modern Data Science capabilities here, especially those in AI and ML will deliver unique value to our clients. B2B organizations are a driving force for our economy and brands are eager to drive better experiences for their customers and employees alike. I want to marry our capabilities with those needs, globally.” 

Since 2010, Adam has held multiple roles leading Merkle’s largest Tech and B2B clients, including Dell, Comcast, T-Mobile and PayPal. In addition, he was charged with the aggregation of capabilities across Merkle’s full breadth of solutions to develop go-to-market and acquisition strategies that serve the distinct requirements of B2B marketers across industries, culminating in Global B2B Business with over 1000 team members and over $250MM in annual revenue.

“I’m excited about launching an innovative B2B offering powered by BLEND360’s best-in-class data science and engineering capabilities. I can’t think of a better leader than Adam to build this new capability for us and drive results for our clients. Stay tuned for updates as the team will be very busy!” Ozgur Dogan, President of Data Science Solutions.


About BLEND360

BLEND360 is a leading provider of services in data science and talent solutions serving Fortune 1000 and industry leading companies. BLEND360 is focused on their world-class people that help clients optimize business performance through data, technology and analytics. BLEND360 continues to be one of the fastest growing companies, making the Inc. 5000 every year they have been in business. They have over 300 employees with offices in NYC, MD, CO, CA, The Netherlands, and India.




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