Blend360 Acquires Montevideo Labs in Continued Global Expansion

June 28, 2023

NEW YORK, NY – June 28, 2023 — /PRNewswire/- Blend360, a leading data science solutions provider, today announced its acquisition of Montevideo Labs in a continued expansion of Blend360’s global capabilities.

Blend360's acquisition of Montevideo Labs, a prominent data engineering firm in Latin America, consisting of 100 highly skilled professionals, marks a significant advancement in their capabilities. With an impressive track record of over 10 years in hands-on experience, Montevideo Labs has successfully catered to Fortune 500 clients, adeptly handling intricate data engineering, AI, and software development challenges. Montevideo Labs solutions portfolio has resulted in cost savings of millions of dollars and significant revenue increase for their clients. This collaboration empowers Blend360 to deliver robust and comprehensive data solutions to its clients, further strengthening their position in the field.

By combining their expertise, Blend360 is exceptionally well-equipped to provide cutting-edge services and drive innovation in data science and engineering.

The acquisition of Montevideo Labs is Blend360’s third acquisition in less than a year as it continues to rapidly scale both organically and inorganically. With this latest acquisition, Blend360 is cementing its reputation as the "acquirer of choice". The company's strategic thinking, domain expertise, and client-centric focus are driving its continued growth and success. This latest move reinforces Blend360's commitment to delivering impactful business results for its clients. As a result of the acquisition, Blend360 is now well-positioned to expand its offerings and capabilities, further solidifying its position as a top player in the industry.

This latest acquisition is an exciting development for the company, particularly given its accelerated investments in AI capabilities. The company is doubling down on its data engineering capabilities, which will further enhance its ability to deliver innovative marketing solutions for clients. With this latest addition to its portfolio, Blend360 is well poised to leverage technology and data to drive business results for its clients through additional ‘Best of the World’ talent and global expertise.

“Upon meeting the Blend360's team we quickly discovered that we share the same core values and work ethos. In addition, our service offerings beautifully complement each other, creating a powerful synergy where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. With our combined expertise, we are poised to take a tremendous leap forward, benefitting not only our organizations but also our valued clients.” says Máximo Gurméndez, CEO at Montevideo Labs. 
“In the first meeting with Montevideo Labs I was impressed by the strength of their capabilities and how their values shone through.  That impression has grown over time to the point where not introducing our clients to them seems like a disservice.  This nearshore expansion and entering Latin America doesn’t just make sense, I’m truly excited and passionate about how it solves real client challenges and brings amazing talent into play” says Rob Fuller, SVP Technology Leader of Data Science and Engineering

About Blend360: Blend360 is a leading data science solutions provider specializing in integrating data and advanced analytics into large, complex enterprises. With a team of top-tier data scientists, data engineers, and SMEs in modeling and digital transformation, Blend360 is at the forefront of driving digital transformations, enabling enterprises to leverage their data in unprecedented ways.

About Montevideo Labs: is a top-rated data science and software development company, offering tailor-made high quality solutions across multiple industries and enabling clients to unleash their full data potential. With over a decade of experience and recognized for an unparalleled business and work ethics, clients like Roku, Mastercard and Indigo Agriculture have trusted Montevideo Labs to lead key initiatives in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and critical integrations using the latest technologies.

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