What's The Key to Success in a New Role? Asking Questions!

July 13, 2021

Olivia Conti

Starting a new job can be intimidating. New team, new environment, and a whole new workload for some. Not to mention that many of us over the last year may have started a new job in a fully remote environment -- in the height of a pandemic. One thing I learned from my career jump from a Division 1 lacrosse player to a Talent Acquisition Partner at BLEND360 is that having a supportive team can help build the foundation for success.

This brings me to my first rule of thumb for starting out in the “real world": Always ask questions! Seems like a simple one. Some say you can help build momentum from day one by finding out the most important information you need to do your job well. One question to ask that can be critical to the work you do is: how can I add value to this team and to the company overall? Demonstrating curiosity by asking questions is an excellent way to show your engagement, display that you are committed to learning, and let your peers know you want to do well in your new role.

It is helpful to remember that everyone at one point in their career has been in your position and most often are happy to help. Asking questions can also keep you from appearing impersonal, timid, or judgmental on your first day of work. Additionally, asking questions is a great way to get to know your new colleagues and create a foundation for strong, long-lasting relationships at work. Filling in your knowledge gaps by asking great questions can give you a head start on a rewarding career at your new company!


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