10 Essential Power BI Resources

October 19, 2022

Jay Wait, BI Analyst

In the first of a series of blog posts, I want to look at the key resources I use to increase my knowledge of Power BI and Power Query. I work for Blend360, a company that delivers data science, analytics, and insights to companies across the globe. The Business Intelligence team at Blend360 are experts in a whole host of BI and analytical related tools, but my focus is primarily on Power BI and the Microsoft Power Platform.

So, where to start with Power BI… for absolute beginners I would highly recommend checking out the Power BI content from Maven Analytics on Udemy which gives a solid foundation on which to develop further. The key thing to remember is the learning never ends, there are always new features being added and mastering every aspect of Power BI is impossible.

The resources below will be well known to most Power BI users, but it is always helpful for a beginner to have some suggestions. These are the You Tube channels I find myself heading to most frequently to keep up with everything in the Microsoft BI world.


1.     Goodly. I really enjoy the content from Chandeep at Goodly. His explanations of the various functions are clear and easy to understand even when looking at areas that are more advanced. Goodly also has an excellent balance of both Power Query M Code and Power BIDAX content. The examples are useful for the real world, and I always try to keep up to date on all his releases

2.     Guy In a Cube. It has to be on here. Top quality content that is really well presented and covers all aspects of how Power BI relates to other Microsoft technologies. Easy to consume and informative

3.     Curbal.  Again, another site that covers everything on Power BI and Power Query as well as other elements of the Microsoft Power Platform in a clear and understandable way. Ruth has a great presentation style and makes hard to understand topics accessible.

4.     How to Power BI. Top quality content. Innovative uses of Power BI with outstanding focus on design and real-life scenarios. I find Bas’s videos to be some of the most inventive and inspiring Power BI content.

5.     SQLBI. Obviously, the masters of DAX have to be in here. Huge amount of free content can be found on You Tube. It’s in-depth and definitive. Some explanations can be overwhelming for a beginner as Marco and Alberto are geniuses in DAX but stick with it and you will learn all the theory to understand how to use DAX correctly.

6.     Power BI Tips. They run a twice weekly podcast on Power BI, these guys could talk about Power BI 24/7.Their YouTube site has loads of useful content with special guests focusing on all things from Charticulator to expert data modelling with Steve Campbell.

7.     Havens Consulting. Another Microsoft MVP, Reid Havens has a huge amount of content on all things Power BI related with special guests. A chilled presentation style that is accessible and covers virtually every subject you can think of.

8.     Power BI Guy. I’ve barely touched the surface of Deneb custom visuals, but Ben’s videos have been super helpful in getting an understanding of Vega Lite and how to get started in creating visuals from scratch

9.     Radacad. Another site covering all aspects of Power BI and the Power Platform. Regularly updated and covering a vast array of topic areas. Reza’s obsession with all things Power BI related comes through loud and clear.

10.     Enterprise DNA. With so much Power BI content on their site they cover all aspects of development in the Microsoft Power Platform.

For more Power BI related content and to learn more about the BI Solutions we offer be sure to follow Blend360 on LinkedIn and, while you’re there,  why not checkout our growing series of videos demonstrating Power BI Quick Tips and best practices.

There are tons of resources out there to improve your skills. Everyone learns differently so it is important to have a couple of go-to places to look for solutions to all your Power BI problems. Of course, I will have missed loads of great content, feel free to add in the comments any sites you have found particularly useful to stay up to date and improve your Power BI knowledge.