Predictions & Trends for Insuretech 2022 – Q&A with Tyler Jones

September 15, 2022

Tyler Jones, VP of Data Science Solutions

Blend’s going to Vegas!


We are excited to announce our presence at Insuretech 2022 (ITC). The conference has a lot to offer but what is most exciting about attending such an event is the opportunity to bring together innovative minds across the insurance industry. More specifically, to see what new solutions are coming to the market and meet key disruptors in the space.

What better way to understand the predictions & trends for ITC, than to sit with Tyler Jones, Blend360 VP of Data Science Solutions, who specializes in Health and P&C insurance solutions?

We wanted to get the ins and outs from the expert himself. These 6 key questions lay out his expectations, what he’s seeing in the industry, what Blend is doing in the space, key sessions to attend and what he’s most excited for this year in Vegas.


1.    What excites you most about attending ITC this year?

The same as every year, the opportunity to bring together innovative minds across the insurance industry. To see what new solutions are coming to market. To see (and meet with) disruptors in the space and discuss how we can help them move the needle. This is an incredibly complex and equally competitive industry, and though the legacy carriers remain the elephants in the room, Insuretechs have taken off in recent years because this is a space in need of disruption and ripe for innovation.


2.    What key themes are you seeing in the industry?

There is a war in the marketplace to win over the hearts and minds of a shared consumer population. Insuretechs are investing heavily in driving customer acquisition, I’ve repeatedly heard leaders voice the need for audience and messaging discipline as the key to efficient growth.  Within a hypercompetitive landscape, audience and messaging precision to mitigate sunk costs and improve lead or bind rates is under significant scrutiny.  


3.    What is Blend doing is this space to help solve for audience and messaging discipline?

We certainly see similar solution themes within the space, though we always take a customer-centric approach as no two businesses are identical.  We’re primarily helping drive value by building smarter audiences via Acquisition Modeling, Lead Scoring, LTV Modeling, LTV to CAC Reporting, and Audience Segmentation, to name a few. I think what has set us apart in this space is we’re technology agnostic.  We don’t pedal specific data, database, or technology products, we are technology agnostic and solutions focused, and I think that’s been refreshing for many of our clients.


4.    Which session are you most excited for at the conference?

Besides the beach club afterparty? [He laughs].  I go into conferences with an idea of which sessions I’d like to attend, but each year I end up having a conversation or discovering a demo or solution session that fundamentally changes how I think about where this space is, and that’s what excites me. 


5.    Uncovering what you don’t know?

Exactly. That’s the point of these isn’t it? To bring together innovative minds and leaders from across the space to showcase ideas and foster collaboration.


6.     And what is it you think Blend360 brings to that discussion?

An open mind and decades of experience across insurance and numerous other industries at different levels of Digital Transformation maturity. Look, our goal is to make our clients the star of the show.  We will come into any situation with a perspective on how to approach a problem, but it’s important to remember that our clients know their business better than anyone and listening and learning from them is a critical part of any effective partnership. 

Blend is beyond excited to attend this year as we have a ton to offer in this space. We can’t wait to share our experience and we’ll be sure to the follow-up interview, in which Tyler will debrief on his experience and share key takeaways, see you there!


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