Leadership in a Crisis- Thoughts from Tom Brady

April 27, 2020

Tim Berry, Co-Founder

I think we can all agree that the COVID-19 virus has caused a major crisis and we are living in unprecedented times. During these times, leadership becomes so important. Whether it is leading our nation or leading in a business or even leading your family. How you lead in situations, where all hell is breaking loose, is a defining moment.

There are many great examples of strong leadership in a crisis. The sports world, in particular, has many examples and teachable points of view. From Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame coach of the Green Bay Packers, to Coach K, Legendary coach of the Duke Blue Devils to Michael Jordan, Leader of the Chicago Bulls.

One of the latest examples of leadership that is really relevant to our current pandemic crisis, came from Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots (now with Tampa Bay). I was listening to a recent Howard Stern interview of Tom Brady on Sirius Radio. Brady was talking about his mentality and leadership as Quarterback of the New England Patriots. In Superbowl LI, the Patriots were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons. Here is a small excerpt of this interview from Brady around that event:


“You could look at that situation and basically quit and say, f#@k it, we have no shot at winning.  Or you can say, this is going to be an amazing comeback. When we come back from this, this is going to be the defining moment in our lives. I think when you shift your mind to think that way, it becomes very empowering as opposed to very discouraging.”  He goes on to say, “So anytime we are down in a game, I think, man if we come back and win this game, we’re the hero!”

I think we all know what happened in that Superbowl…Brady led Patriots to a legendary comeback and won the game…with Brady being the hero.

We are in a crisis and we are down 28-3…whether we look at this as a country or as a business or in our own family.  We can decide to quit and say we have no chance to recover in a short time period. Or we can fight like hell and make this a defining moment in our lives and business.

In your life, where are you down and how are you going to make an amazing comeback? At BLEND360, we work with different clients across many different industries. Our travel clients have really taken a hit during the pandemic. They are down 28-3. We say to ourselves “How do we bear down and do everything we can to help them through this crisis?”  Just imagine that if at the end of the year, their business is up and running, growing and even stronger financially then they were – that would be legendary!

So…what’s your challenge and how will you face it?

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