Kathleen Deanna

July 22, 2020

Kathleen is a results-driven marketing executive with multi-channel experience building internal and external brand and marketing campaigns for large scale markets. She has demonstrated expertise in multiple industries including consumer and corporate financial services, advertising agency/ client relations, human resources, and colleague engagement.

Core strengths:

• Colleague and client relationship management

• Leading and delivering innovative, insights-based strategy and marketing channel collateral (digital/interactive, print, email and DM)

• Brand review

Highlight: In a previous role Kathleen was part of a team that launched a major re brand for one of our largest financial services clients

In Kathleen’s most recent project she helped to launch an in-house ad agency for one of our largest financial services clients. In this corporate start up environment, Kathleen was a key partner in cultivating a committed client base, bringing the agency to the next level. Her efforts in developing internal and client process, managing project scopes and fostering internal team relationships, have helped to solidify business objectives and corporate leadership support with secured funds that will ensure ongoing success.

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