Consultant Spotlight - Faye: Blending Passion and Work

March 27, 2023

Erika Flythe

Driven by a desire to bring positive change, even in small ways, Blend360 connected Faye with an opportunity to align her work with her passion for making the world a better place.  

The Consultant Spotlight program is designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of Blend360’s exceptional team members. Each month, we will feature the story of one consultant who has been recognized for going above and beyond in their role.

Faye, who joined Blend360 as an Executive Creative Director in July 2022, is now driving positive change through her work with a nonprofit that is near and dear to her heart – The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Faye lost her mother to leukemia four years ago. Today, she is able to support the nonprofit, finding solutions to challenges, and developing ways they can create a more cohesive brand. “To be able to have that in my work andnot an extracurricular activity allows me to be able to be part of an organization doing such profound and meaningful work for the lives of blood cancer patients and their families. It brings me great personal and professional fulfillment” she said.

Driven to this passion for creating a positive change, she sought out an organization whose values were closely aligned with her own. Blend presented an opportunity to work with a nonprofit that hit close to home.

“I think there is so much we can all do to make the world a more equitable and better place, even in the small things we do. Bringing that passion to the organizations we work for benefits both the individual and the business”.

In working with Blend, Faye says, “I feel like more than a consultant, but a member of the team” Blend made sure that she felt she belonged and cared for her well-being and passion. "I find the group as a whole to be very responsive, respectful, and interested in what I’m looking forin my career and work/life balance. It is a team of action-oriented listeners.”

Consultants like Faye are the reason we love what we do here at Blend360. We strive to provide a world-class experience for all our talent. Thank you Faye, for the opportunity to share your story, we are honored to have you as a part of our team.

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