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March 25, 2020

Annette Giordano, Managing Partner

Unprecedented Times but BLEND360 has your back


Yesterday we shared information for managers who are managing a remote team.  Today, we’d like to focus on the other half of that success equation…remote workers.

Some people love working remotely and some don’t, but even for those who enjoy it, it can be especially challenging in the current pandemic landscape of worry, concern, increased personal responsibilities and, quite frankly, the fact that your entire family is likely at home too.  So here are some best practices as a reminder for veterans and helpful hints for newbies alike.

BLEND360 Best Practices for Being an Effective Remote Worker

Align with your manager.

Make sure you understand your manager’s expectations and how best to communicate project statuses and completion of milestones going forward
Create the right workspace.  

Create a workspace conducive to completing your work commitments, and devoid of distractions.  This might include a no-entry zone for kids during certain hours, or only under certain conditions.
Communicate with family.  

Have a proactive discussion with family and others you live with about your work schedule and responsibilities.  Where possible, see if others can alleviate some personal responsibilities that might clash with work, even if on an alternating basis.

Establish a schedule.

It’s important to have a set schedule and to take breaks – stretch, eat, drink water, go for a walk, check in with the world around you. Without a schedule and balance, it is easy to fall into a rut and become
unproductive and unhappy – which is not good for anyone.  Short, planned breaks can be helpful.
Communicate honestly with your manager.  

Be honest about any personal commitments and conflicts.  Dealing with them proactively and finding solutions is a much more effective approach to ensuring success in your job.
Communicate regularly with your manager.  

Plan for regular communications with your manager (and critical team members) throughout the week.  Not only does this ensure your team knows what you are doing but it keeps everyone looped in and on the same page.  Request the meeting even if your manager hasn’t.  Be prepared with an agenda and an updated tracking document to review each time.

Stay healthy.  

Like in all other things, eating right, getting enough exercise and rest will keep you healthy and, therefore, more productive.

How BLEND360 can support you

When you’re working as a consultant on our team, we’ve got your back, in the following ways:

One Last Note

We all have challenges we didn’t have a month ago, as concerns about the pandemic grow. Be patient with yourself and others. One day at a time is how we’ll all get through this pandemic.

Wishing you health!

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