Blend360 Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 7, 2021

Shana Auerbach, VP

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we’ve got suggestions for the Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas that are as unique and thoughtful as your mom.

Mother’s Day is a lovely occasion to show all the special Mom’s in your life how much you appreciate them and all that they do for you and the people around them. When the holiday comes along, it might feel challenging to find a Mother’s Day gift that properly expresses your love and appreciation. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these gift ideas ranging from cheap to luxe- from our staff here at Blend360.

We've listed a variety of gift ideas: Some physical items and- for the mom that has everything- a few experiential gift ideas around a shared experience and spending time together. No matter your budget, she’ll love whatever you give her especially since it was chosen with care.

  1. A clean house- from someone else. Order a cleaning service, make your bed, do something to take the load off of Mom’s daily responsibilities. If you don’t have the number of a local service or don’t want to wax-on-and-off on your own, you can google “Cleaning Services Near Me” for ideas on who to call (Ghostbusters is already booked).
  2. Framed Photo- pick up a frame and print out a recent picture of her with you (and the family). While this might require some planning, the sentiment will last forever.
  3. A personalized candle. Jo Malone makes elegant scents that you can engrave with a personal greeting or name. Click Here.
  4. Etsy sells personalized and handmade gifts for Mom. One of our favorites is a sign for Mom with all the kids names- check out this store for ideas: Click Here.
  5. A Plant- cut flowers are always nice, but eventually they wilt and die. A potted plant, on the other hand, should endure much, much longer and still add some greenery to her living room. Consider this easy-to-care-for snake plant that comes with a planter, making its price seem like an even better deal. Click Here.
  6. A Spa Day- There is likely a day-spa local to your home. However, if going to the spa isn’t within budget or makes anyone uncomfortable during COVID times, you can replicate the spa concept at home. Set up the bath, turn on nice music, light some candles, warm up some towels and set up facial ingredients along with a manicure kit. And, you can serve up one of her favorite cocktails or wine.
  7. Mother’s Day Tea- your local school, Girl Scout troop, or church might organize these outings around Mother’s Day (especially if you have kids in pre-schools/of a younger age). For mom’s with grown children, you can replicate this at home with interesting tea flavors, spreads, finger sandwiches and desserts. There are ‘Tea Rooms’ that host these. You can google “Team Rooms Near Me” for local ideas.
  8. Day at the Beach- summertime is around the corner and nothing brings a few deep breaths of calm like listening to the sounds of the ocean. Consider giving a gift of a nice beach bag- Land’s End makes a classic beach tote that you can personalize Click Here, towel and maybe some other accessories for the bag. You can plan a day at the beach, start off with brunch at one of her favorite spots or top off the day with a peaceful dinner that she doesn’t have to make.

Whatever you decide, remember that a warm hug and handmade card never goes out of style.

Wishing you and your Mother figures a very Happy and Peaceful Mother’s Day!

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