Blend360 Appoints Rob Fuller as SVP of Technology to Build Innovative Tech Advisory & Solutions Division

October 26, 2022

Columbia, Md., Oct 26, 2022- /PRNewswire/- Blend360, a global provider of data, analytics, and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies, announced today the appointment of Rob Fuller as Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions.  In his new role, Rob is responsible for developing technology advisory & solutions that will help clients maximize the power of their data.

Of Rob’s appointment, Blend360’s co-founder and CEO, Patrick Hennessy, commented, "As a data science-led company, we understand it all starts with data. As a global solutions company, we are committed to having world-class data engineering and platform capabilities. Rob’s background, expertise, and passion are all qualities that make him the right person to build out this division for Blend.”

 A key component of the value Blend360 provides is helping clients maximize the power of their data by ensuring organizations are equipped with the right technology to manage the creation of insights and can turn those insights into action.  “Every company struggles with the complexity of taking advantage of data, and I’ve been able to help clients get control of the complexity, create a plan, and then drive the technology priorities to unlock value. It is a fun challenge to balance complexity, maturity, goals, and costs to drive the best result possible” says Fuller.

Rob comes to Blend360 as a 20-year veteran in the technology space. He has held a variety of senior positions and most recently, he spent the last several years as the Managing Director of Customer Data Orchestration at Accenture. Previously he co-founded a content intelligence platform company, 8-Point Arc.

 On his decision to join Blend360, Rob said, “In the past, I was able to drive sound technology investment strategies to unlock value but too often I saw those investments tied to specific service models, partner platforms, or huge enterprise transformation deals that are overly complex at low velocity. Blend360 as a nimble, fast-moving organization allows me to ensure we are doing the right things the right way for our clients at any level of transformation that makes sense for them.”

 The tech practice Rob is building will act as a trusted partner to organizations that can provide data solutions from end to end. “To deeply understand how to treat data like a product to get the value out takes a lot of talent and expertise – and I am so excited to build the practice out to make that a reality for our clients.”, says Rob.

 About Blend360

Blend360 is an award-winning provider of data, analytics, and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies every year they have been in business and has been awarded a world-class ranking in client satisfaction for the past three years. It has over 600 employees with offices domestically in NY, MD, CO, and CA and internationally in India and EMEA.

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