Blend360 Appoints Rebekah Hudson as Vice President of Business Development for North America 

November 10, 2022

Columbia, Md., November 10th, 2022-- Blend360, a global provider of data, analytics and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies, announced today the appointment of Rebekah Hudson as Vice President of Business Development for North America. Rebekah is a key addition to helping Blend become the premier service provider in the AI and ML space.  

Rebekah will play a leading role in helping senior-level clients transform their business through data-driven strategies, co-developed and co-created with Blend. Rebekah spoke of her goals for her new position, stating, “I want to help organizations find the art of the possible with data, analytics, and technology to optimize their opportunities for growth and efficiencies, break down the silos, and build more transparency.”  

Rebekah brings a passion for the business and strategic leadership skills to Blend360. With 20 years of experience helping Fortune 1000 companies, her areas of expertise include performance marketing, retail media networks, eCommerce, data science, and monetization. On why Rebekah was the right fit for the role, Blend360’s SVP of Global Business Development, Dimo Kostopoulos said, “Rebekah has proven her ability to grow and manage large enterprise business development & sales programs. She has deep experience with solutioning and selling data-centric analytic solutions for large-sized clients.”   

On her decision to join Blend360, Rebekah said, “My goal is to solve complex and unique problems for organizations. I’ve seen firsthand the extraordinary talent of the Blend360 subject matter experts and leaders and knew this is where I could make the most impact in helping clients achieve their goals.”   

Of what Rebekah’s appointment will mean for Blend360, Dimo commented, “In the past 6 months, we have worked relentlessly to develop a global enterprise sales operating platform that continues to evolve and improve. With Rebekah onboard, our focus is on scaling our platform’s new deal origination process and further expanding our network of interpersonal relationships. My expectation is that with Rebekah’s leadership, we will be able to better match Blends solutions and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.”

Rebekah added, “Blend360 is the most agile organization specializing in unique capabilities centered around data, technology, and talent. It is a client-first organization, and I love our leadership's intense focus on ensuring the client is satisfied at any cost. I am excited about what the future holds for Blend360 and our partners.”    


About Blend360  

Blend360 is an award-winning provider of data, analytics, and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies every year they have been in business and has been awarded a world-class ranking in client satisfaction for the past three years. It has over 600 employees with offices domestically in NY, MD, CO, and CA and internationally in India and EMEA.   


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