Blend360 Announces Immediate Plans to Hire 250 Data Engineers Globally

December 15, 2022

Columbia, MD., December 15, 2022-- Blend360, a global provider of data, analytics, and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies, announced today immediate plans to hire 250 data engineers globally.  

Blend360 has designed this hiring initiative in reaction to an increasing need for data engineering talent to support the new software and data challenges organizations face today. “At Blend, we have a proven track record of building a $100 million data science services business in just a handful of years. We are seeing how important engineering is to complete a data science project from the first mile to the last mile. To meet this need, we have assembled a world-class senior leadership team to build this innovative solution: Rob Fuller, SVP of Technology; Marina Klusas, Head of Partnerships; Chris Parisi, Head of Martech; and Erik Wischhusen, VP of Engineering.” says Patrick Hennessy, Co-Founder & CEO.

While Blend has an established base of engineering talents, this hiring initiative aims to build a strong foundation of world-class engineers that will allow them to help their customers achieve their data-driven strategies across a multitude of use cases including Sales, Marketing, CX, Manufacturing, HR, and more. Rob Fuller, leader of the practice, explains, “Companies are making the transition to data-driven decisions but are still held back by legacy systems and isolated data as there isn’t enough talent in the market to make the changes happen fast enough. At Blend360, we are tackling that harsh reality head-on, investing in growing new talent, helping adjacent engineering talent move into data engineering, and being the ideal place for experienced data engineering talent to grow their career across new problem areas and the latest technologies.”  

With its AI/ML focus and proven track record of acquiring and developing top world-class talent at the junior to senior levels, Blend is uniquely positioned to have a major impact on its clients in solving this talent gap. It has an existing All-Star Data Engineering program for new graduates and junior-level talent looking to gain on-the-job training and development. Additional hires will include mid and senior-level data engineering talent who will receive training on the latest data science and CX platforms. Blend360 partners with platforms such as Google, Amazon, Snowflake, Databricks, Salesforce, Adobe, and others to provide best-in-class training to ensure employees are trained in high-demand and market-competitive skills. “If you are passionate about this space and believe with the right platform you can be a world-class data engineer, then we want you on our team,” says Rob.

About Blend360

Blend360 is an award-winning provider of data, analytics, and talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies every year they have been in business and has been awarded a world-class ranking in client satisfaction for the past three years. It has over 600 employees with offices domestically in NY, MD, CO, and CA and internationally in India and throughout EMEA.

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