Engineering Life @ Blend360

As you think about work, what differentiates a good career from an ok job. What will engage you, make you feel like you are making a difference and learning every day. What drags you down versus what builds you up and makes work something you look forward to.

This at Blend360 is a big deal, because our work is our product. Delivering quality solutions for clients is our success, and to do that we need you, and we need you growing your skills and thriving in your role. We can’t accept anything less than helping you do innovative work and keeping your skills ahead of the curve – the more productive you can be, the more collaboration with talented peers, and more teams and projects you experience, the more you can be a true expert in your field.

So that’s our view of engineering life at Blend360 – we need enable you to learn both formally through training and certifications, and informally through different clients and different projects, with a team of colleagues you respect.

At Blend360 we have all the ingredients to enable you to build a great career, we respect growth in technical depth and breadth, as well as delivery leadership. Our clients have demand for more expertise doing great work than there are people in the market – so we know we have room for you and what you want to accomplish in your career. Your promotions aren’t limited by our org structure, but enabled by your skills and growth.

Here’s what we are currently doing to make this happen – but it’s never finished we want to keep going and improving and want you to come and help:

Choice of computer hardware – your primary interface to your job should be hardware you love

Access to several technical training platforms

Internal training programs

Regular knowledge sharing (both in engineering teams and company wide)

Management training on how to manage people

Certifications - We pay for tests Regular certifications challenges with bonus recognition

Ad hoc ability to recognize colleagues companywide (and be recognized) for great work

Quarterly awards for outstanding contributions

Project teams set goals and celebrations for success

Blend360 celebrates successes! You can even nominate people for recognition every week to thank them for their support.

Team building events like go carting, laser tag, cooking classes, sporting events, and even axe throwing

So, now you know Blend360 is excited and committed to helping you grow – what’s it like to work at Blend360?

Team #1

You typically have a single client project at a time and are part of a project team – solving important challenges for a client. This is where you will spend most of your time, but projects will change over time (based on scope and your career needs)

Team #2

You are part of the broader engineering team, sharing expertise and helping interview and mentor, and being mentored

Team #3

You choose your manager from within the engineering team – ensuring you have a great connection and confidence in your career support

Team #4

Blend360 is an incredible team of talented people, we all are your network and team to help you succeed.