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What if you had the opportunity to help other companies stay afloat or even grow by providing them with resources and employees to meet their fulfillment needs--without you having to hire or manage a team?

Digital Marketing has helped and even saved many businesses from closing by keeping track of new features being added to social media platforms, generating ideas to attract customers, and boosting or promoting posts in a way to appeal to the target audience. Many companies are turning to marketing firms since they provide more than just marketing without the need to spend money on internal training.

Your Next Big Opportunity

Have you ever considered being a CEO of your own company? Our Franchisor’s turnkey model is designed to bring success to your territory by allowing you, as owner, to focus exclusively on executive level activities. The franchisor provides services such as lead generation, fulfillment, and billing support to help you focus on driving revenue. As a franchisee, you can then spend your time networking, getting involved in the community, fostering client relationships and closing new business.
“If you’re motivated by helping people and businesses grow and want to build real wealth through business ownership, our franchise model might be right for you” - Franchisor Client

Who You Are

Although no industry experience is required, these traits will deeply benefit towards your understanding in being a franchisee:
  • Solid Understanding of Sales and Marketing· 
  • Strong Community Involvement and Networking·
  • Strong Work Ethic and Motivated to Help Others Succeed
  • Self Starter, Detail and Process Oriented, and Strong Organization Skills

Why Join?

  • True Turn Key Business Model that is Pandemic & Recession Proof
  • Low Entry Investment (with Military Discount Available- see below), and Financing Options through Third Party Lenders
  • No Brick and Mortar and No Employees Required Means Low Overhead Costs
  • Opportunities Available Nationwide
  • Best in Class Wholesale Pricing and Unit Economics

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Financing Options

Our Franchisor has a third party financial lender that helps interested individuals find the best financing options. The cost of entry is around $70k. (Military Discount Available)

The entry fee includes the Franchisor's own proprietary software for lead generation. They also help support digital marketing and provide access to an executive team for support, research and consulting to help the sales process from start to finish with clients and prospects.

Top Target Industries

About Blend360

Blend360 specializes in personalizing your search experience whether you are new to business owning or looking to expand your market. With Blend360, you can expect honesty, transparency, and urgency. We understand the beauty of individual diversity so we get to know your interests, goals, support system, life dynamic, and previous career and education experience to better educate and guide you.

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