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Leadership Team

We have an elite team of data science, engineering and strategy leaders.

Ozgur Dogan
Data Science Solutions Leader
Deb Furey
SVP, Strategy
Dimo Kostopoulos
SVP, Data Science Europe Leader
Bo Chipman
SVP, Data Science Consulting
Amit Deshpande
SVP, Partner & Regional Head
Joe Colletti
SVP, Technology
Annette Giordano
SVP, Relationship Partner
Korey Thurber
VP, Relationship Partner
Feng Jia
SVP, Data Science Delivery
Suzanne Rain
VP, Data Science Solutions
Raghu Mangaraju
VP, India
Lucien van der Hoeven
VP, Business
Development EMEA
Jeff Shafer
VP, Data Science
Pip Courbois
VP, Data Science Solutions
Cj Li
Global Operating Officer, DSX
Marina Klusas
Head of Partnerships
Adam Mincham
SVP, B2B Practice
Seth Hutchings
VP, B2B Practice & Strategy
Tyler Jones
VP, Data Science Solutions
Ryan Serpan
VP, Strategy & Advisory
Prem Rajesh
Head of BI
Srinivas Raghavan
Jeff George
VP, Technology
Rob Fuller
SVP, Tech Consulting Practice Leader
Bill Stoughton
VP, Data Science Solutions
Joe Foran
VP, Data Science Solutions
Sara Roberts
VP, Denver Delivery Center Lead

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