Data Engineering and Technology

Transform data into actionable insights.

We help you access data and extract value from your data ecosystem.

Our experts can help your business

Define optimal data architectures to support objectives using first-, second- and third-party data
Develop data matching and identity management solutions to power a 360 view of prospects and customers
Power campaigns, operations and reporting solutions within or outside your firewall

Customer Intelligence Hub

A proven framework and platform for quickly integrating and activating customer, product and market data.

The Customer Intelligence Hub integrates critical business data into a structure that enables analytics, activation, measurement and reporting. The flexible, open architecture is designed to evolve with changing business requirements.

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Access a single view of the customer
Resolve consumer identities across multiple sources
Enable advanced analytics and BI reporting
Deliver actionable information to any channel
Use scalable solutions capable of handling workload spikes

use cases

We help with initiatives like:

Developing a Customer Intelligence Hub to create a 360 view of customer data

Technology strategy consulting and roadmaps

Technology RFP management and vendor selection

Customer and prospect database build and management

Data pipelines for complex source integration

CDP implementation and management

Email implementation and management

Site tagging implementation and management

Clean-room development and management

Data and technology Landscape

We are experts in all of today’s major data and analytics platforms.

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